Small Group Questions // Week of December 9th, 2018

1. Who here watches Hallmark movies? What do you like or dislike about them?

2. The story of Christmas and Easter is a story of God’s incurable driving love for you.  He has put you in His plan and purpose. He has chosen you before anyone else even thought of you. The story of God is a love story. What difference should it make to think of God primarily as a lover instead of a judge or distant commander?

3. Scripture shows that God’s love is a healing love. Our culture pursues “love” as well.  Yet our culture doesn’t show the results of a healing kind of love. What’s the difference?

4. Look at the passages under #4 in your notes. Divide them up and have a few people read them aloud. Now ponder the question, Why is the prevailing or steadfast love of God so important for our day and age?

Take a moment to pray for one another.  Ask God to give you the eyes to see his love for you in a new way this week.