Life Group Questions // Week of April 21, 2019

1) Have you ever witnessed a resurrection of sorts?  Something where a lost opportunity was brought back to life?  Someone who you lost was restored?  What was that experience like? How did that impact you?  

2) Why did Jesus delay before going to Lazarus?  He had ample warning, Lazarus was a close friend and Jesus wasn’t too far away. 
See John 11:4-6 & 14-15. 

See Martha and Mary's responses to first seeing Jesus after he delayed in coming.  (John 11:21 & 31). 
Have you ever been discouraged by Jesus’ delays in your life? 
How did you navigate through that season of disappointment? 

3) John 11:32-37.  Was Jesus weeping with those who mourned or was he weeping at their unbelief?  
4) Read John 11:23-26. Even though Martha knew that Jesus was the Son of God, she didn’t seem to expect Jesus restore her brother. 

Where do we limit the resurrection power of Jesus in our life?  Any places in our life seem hopeless to change?
Where do we limit the resurrection power of Jesus with our friendships with those who don’t know Jesus?

Read John 11:38-45. Why is it so hard for us to believe without first seeing? 

5) When it comes to death, Jesus changes everything. 
Which of the 3 points at the bottom of your notes most speaks to you? 

Is there anything that is keeping you from committing your life to Christ? 
If you are ready to give Jesus ownership of your life, let your leader know so he/she can pray with you.

6) Take a moment to pray for one another! 
Pray also for those who came to True Hope for the first time, and are making some next steps spiritually!