Our Nursery is a wonderful environment specifically designed for children from "birth to toddler." We typically say that once a child is walking/toddling around, they then graduate to our toddler class. 


Our toddler class is designed for children who are now walking but are still under 3 years old. In this class our teachers have a time for a lesson, play, and even a snack, usually animal crackers.


Elementary is a high-energy group where kids have opportunity to learn from the Bible, play with other kids, and connect with adults who desire to mentor them. A "normal" Sunday morning includes singing, a Bible lesson, and a time of group discussion with their leader. 


Kid's Camp

This is for kids from 2nd grade through kids going into the 5th grade. 

This is shorter than some camps, we typically plan for 4 days, a Thursday through a Sunday. 

We have a great time learning from the Bible, experiencing small adventures, and making new friends. We know that kid's life is an adventure, and we want to use camp as a time to help teach them some lessons they can use along the way. For more information contact

Parent/Child Dedication

The Parent-Child Dedication service, provides an opportunity for parents to declare their intention to model a growing, transforming relationship with Jesus, creating an environment for their child to develop and live out his/her own vibrant relationship with Jesus.  It also provides an opportunity for the church family to pray with you, committing to partnering with you in this awesome responsibility of raising young Christ followers.

Dedication provides an opportunity to pause and consider foundational values upon which you will be establishing your home. So, prior to participating in the service, we ask that parents commit to gathering with other parents for two sessions, in which you will be encouraged to prayerfully consider your hopes, dreams and goals for your child in light of God’s values. You’ll receive instruction and encouragement for writing a blessing prayer, which you will have the opportunity to pray over your child during the service.

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