We are called, as individuals and collectively as First Baptist Church, to live the mission of God as defined in Matthew 28:19-20 (making disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus).  Because of this calling, we believe that God is asking us to:


as a church

    •    Partner to plant 100 churches in 15 years - Did you know that by 2033, the valley is projected to have grown to over 1 million people?  Did you know that only 7% of those who live in the valley attend a church that communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ?  In response to these staggering stats and the need for the gospel to be heard, understood and accepted, we believe God is asking us to join Him and churches in the Treasure Valley to plant 100 churches by 2033 to further the reach of His gospel. Learn More.

    •    Help launch a new congregation at Collister Community Church - Many churches seem compelled to build their own kingdom.  However, the New Testament model for churches is congregational reproduction.  We believe EVERY church should be reproducing itself by planting new churches, starting new congregations, and spawning congregations or revitalizing existing churches.  On March 18th we will launch a new congregation at the Collister location.

    •    Focus on equipping, encouraging and sending each member of our church family to LIVE SENT - God has a purpose for you.  To discover this purpose and live it out daily is a significant part of living the extraordinary life God has for you.  God has purposed each of us to live sent - loving people well and sharing the truth of the Gospel with those God allows us to cross paths with.  This year we wish to activate each member of First Baptist by setting the goal to: 


As Individuals

    •    3x3x3 - Have each attender of First Baptist Church every 3 months, have 3 conversations ("get to know you" conversation, spiritual conversation, gospel conversation) with 3 people.  Our goal is to engage in spiritual conversations in order for others to hear about Jesus, His love for them and His plan for them to live the extraordinary life.  

Next Steps

follow Jesus and be baptized:

If you want to know more about following Jesus, please email us at office@fbcboise.  What it requires is faith that He is the way, the truth and the life and a willingness to confess that with your voice.

Baptism in and of itself is not a way to receive salvation; just as wearing a wedding ring does not make someone married. So being baptized cannot make someone a Christian.  Rather the wedding ring tells the world that this person is married and has made a life-commitment to another person.  So, baptism tells the world you are a follower of Jesus. (Matt. 28:18-20).

Spiritual Gifts:

We believe that God has called and gifted each unique person in a very specific way.  If you are interested in discovering what a spiritual gift is and how God may have gifted you, please consider joining us at our welcome dinner and filling our a spiritual gift assessment. 

Join the Team:

At First Baptist we are a group of ordinary people moving together toward extraordinary living through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are looking for other ordinary people to join us in discovering deeper intimacy with Jesus, genuine community with each other and endeavor to influence our community with the truth of Jesus’ love.  If you are interested in discovering your God given purpose and how that contributes to the mission God has given First Baptist Church, please sign up here for our Connect Dinner or CLICK HERE to fill out the form.