To create a broad network of mission-minded churches and pastors in the Treasure Valley to join God’s kingdom work in planting 100 Gospel-centered, reproducing churches by 2033.

Core Framework

As a Gospel movement, we are committed to the work of the great commission through the body of Christ.

As Partners We Agree About


  • We take our marching orders from King Jesus, his life, teaching, and example as the starting point for our faith.  


  • That God has spoken and His word is authoritative for the church and His people.


  • Jesus’ call to follow Him requires that every person must make an 'all-in' heart decision of surrender to be born again.


  • Missional Responsibility:  We are committed to make disciples that make disciples and to start new disciple making communities.  (multiplication)

One Scenario for Starting 100 churches

Existing Churches Churches Planted Total
20 1 20
15 2 30
8 3 24
5 4 20
2 7 14
50 Churches 108 Church Plants

Yes, I / We will join the Hx33 movement to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ significantly impact the Treasure Valley for good.
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