Death Doesn’t Have the Final Say

Have you ever experienced a loss in your life? You're not alone, we all have. Worry, Fear, Anxiety, Control are just some of the things that come with a world harnessed to death. And the sad thing is we can't escape it. We feel it with every loss of a dear one, a revelation of cancer, a dream shattered and so on. Oh, death how great is your sting! The thing is, we weren't made for death. We were made for life. Life full. Easter is a moment in time when Jesus stepped into death to release its grip on that which He loves most. You and I. The resurrection gives us Hope now. Hope that death doesn't have the final say.

To that end, both congregations will celebrate the entire weekend of Easter in different ways. A snapshot of each is below: you can visit the Collister and Downtown pages to find out more details.


Easter Sunday Services: 8:45am | 10:10am | 11:35am


Easter Sunday service: 9:00am | 10:30am

Easter Eggstravaganza 

Downtown Campus

April 20 | 11am - 1pm

(607 N 13th St. Boise, ID 83702)

Collister Campus

April 13 | 11am - 1pm

at Willow Lane Park (4623 Willow Lane, Boise, ID 83703)

This a community event where families can bring their children to a safe, entirely FREE, event.  

  • Age-specific egg hunts

  • Bounce houses

  • Carnival Games

  • Prizes

  • Food (popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones)

  • FUN!!!

All are welcome! Invite your families, friends, and neighbors to join you!  

Good Friday

Friday, April 19 | Open 12pm - 8pm | Collister Campus

What did Jesus do his last week here on earth? Where did he go? What did he do? Who did he spend his time with?

This Good Friday, True Hope will be hosting an interactive prayer experience called “Journey To The Cross.”  The room will have various stations that help guide you and your family and friends through elements of prayer, reflection, and activities as we prepare for the resurrection celebration of Jesus. This will be a come and go activity on Friday, April 19th from 12pm-8pm. It typically takes a family/individual 30 minutes - 1 hour to go through all the stations.