Why I never wanted to be a part of a small group

I remember when Pastor Matt wanted me to join a small group. I had just moved to Boise to start my new job at First Baptist, and a requirement of this new job was to be a part of a small group. Prior to coming to Boise I had never been a part of a small group. In fact I never wanted to be a part of a small group. Sitting in a circle at a stranger’s house, plastic plate in hand trying to muscle down the terrible guacamole while being talked at by the leader on Christian doctrine. No thanks. Besides, it doesn’t really matter that much whether or not I’m in a small group to help me in my faith journey right? Regardless of how I felt, I reluctantly joined a group to do what any “good” pastor would do. I will admit that it was hard at first, probably because I didn’t believe in it. I was looking for any way to be right…but over time my heart began to shift. I got to know these people in a way that would have not been possible if I had never joined the group. God began to develop a passion in my heart for these people and small group ministry. It’s like when my wife makes me a fruit/green smoothie, you see all the ingredients that are going into the blender and you say to yourself: “that’s going to be disgusting”…but after it’s all mixed together it becomes this amazing flavored drink.

Today I lead a small group at my house. It’s made up of both single and married people in their 20’s and early 30’s. I felt God leading me to step out and lead a group, although scary at first, it has been a blessing. In our group we laugh and cry together, talk about life and faith, eat good food and go on prayer walks. We have become a family, and although people come and go I have felt connected to everyone that has entered our doors. We have all learned from each other and it has helped shape my faith. Our church statement for small groups is “Alone we go fast but together we go far”. Community is done best within a small group, give it a try, you might just be surprised.