They are rich in ways we may never know

We had another incredible day. We travelled out to Annex, South of Eldoret. We spent the day at Agape Bible Baptist Church & School. Pastor Cosmas Attita & his wife Helen were generous and wonderful hosts. They have a 1/4 acre lot and on this property they have a small church, a small office/preschool building and a very small mud house kitchen area. This is the church and school that Tara Driscoll and Kayla Quinowski ministered alongside during their 6 month stay in Kenya.IMG_1392

Schools in Kenya have very little. There were no crayons, no booklets, no paints, no markers, and no glue. The classrooms literally consisted of a couple wooden benches and small board for the teacher. Each room was separated by a thin tarp. The students each have a pencil and one small booklet they copy sums into. We arrived with boxes and crayons and color pictures and the children were THRILLED! It was wonderful to leave boxes of crayons with every teacher and markers & paints with the school director. We didn't have a lot to give them but they were beyond grateful for the handful of supplies we brought with us. We also brought along soccer balls for the school and gift bags for the children.

The most beautiful thing about this school is that Pastor Attita opened this school for low income & under privileged children. Many of the teachers are under paid but they offer their expertise because they love the Lord. While many of the students cannot pay their fees, Pastor Attita still allows them to stay enrolled. They feed the children breakfast & lunch each day. These children come from very poor families. Many of the children had dirty clothing that was tattered and torn. They had BIG, BRIGHT smiles on their faces. They laughed and played. They quoted scripture. They sang us songs. They ate lunch with us. We played together. We had an amazing day.

There was no denying the lack of material possesions amongst the people we ministered alongside today but what stood out the most was how incredibly RICH they were in community, in joy, in contentment, in hospitality, and in love. As a team we walked away deeply blessed and truly overwhelmed by their wealth. They have something you cannot buy and something that truly comes from our Creator. They are rich. They have what many of us will never have--and it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Our team was deeply impacted. They cannot wait to share with you all about it:

IMG_1437Today I met the most Godly man I have probably ever met. Pastor Attita runs a very small christian school and church. When we first arrived at the school/church it was so poor it made me cringe a little on the inside. But within a few minutes I realized how much love, joy, and the spirit of the Lord that abounds in their school. One thing is for certain while they have nothing to speak of possessions wise they have the Holy Spirit. It was incredible to watch the teachers and staff of the school teach the children about Jesus Christ and play with the students with joyful hearts. We will post pictures because a picture is worth a thousand words.

For lunch the staff prepared a meal for us that was fit for Kings and Queens. This again goes back to the Pastor and staff who really have nothing, yet they gave us everything they had today and then some. They gave us the best they had which I am sure left them completely without. What I witnessed today from our hosts would never happen at our home.

I was truly touched by the hospitality and joy we witnessed today and it was all in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise Jesus! - Shane Maxey


 IMG_1496 Today was a really amazing day. When we went to the school, I was so happy to see that Pastor Attita, his wife Helen, and and children at the school welcomed us with open arms. The kids treated me like I was a member of their family, and there was one girl named Elizabeth who would not let go of my hand. She even hit the other kids who tried to hold my hand as well.

After we spent a while with the children, the staff of the school fed us a wonderful meal. I am pretty certain that it is the best meal that I have had in my life.Shortly after we ate, the children sang songs to us, but the best part came when they staff asked us if they could "bless the ladies". They proceeded to bring all of the ladies that were in our team and they sang to us and gave us a wrap that they hung around our shoulders. I was just so touched that they would spend money on us Americans and they were genuinely thankful for us spending time with their students. This day was an experience that I will not forget.

The hospitality that I have experienced during this trip is unlike anything that I have experienced in the States. I think if everyone acted the same in the US, then our country would be a much better place to live. - Kristen Honeycutt

We purchased Pastor Koli's motorcycle this morning and it had to be constructed and so we will be picking it up tomorrow. We were also able to bless another incredible man of God--so check back tomorrow for details & pictures.

There is not a single person who is not loving every moment of this journey. It has been amazing--and we are so grateful that God allowed us this opportunity. Please pray that what we learn will be deeply embedded in our hearts and that the Kingdom will impacted by our obedience to all that God is teaching us.

We love & miss you. First Baptist Kenya Mission Team