The Power of Story

I consider myself a visual story teller. Matt Kinsley, an award winning photojournalist said: ”Sharing stories connects us to one another; our stories forge relationships and bring a strong sense of intimacy and self.” I believe God intended us to share our stories. When Israel crossed the Jordan River, Joshua called out twelve men from each tribe and directed them to cross and for each tribe to take up a stone from the middle of the river as a physical reminder for their children. The stones were purposefully placed where they camped as a permanent memorial for the people of Israel and for future generations to recount the story of when the Jordan River stopped in front of the ark of the covenant as the priests stepped into the water. (Joshua 3)


God knows that stories connect us to one another and connect each generation to the next. Sharing stories helps the next generation know what one experienced. I believe that every believer has a story to tell and we should be telling our stories more and more. The story doesn’t end with the Bible. God’s story of love, rescue, resurrection, and renewal is progressive and is also our story - he is inviting us to participate.

So whats your story?…Do tell.