The Gift of Expecting

I know what your thinking…"Its time to deck the halls, gear up for family drama, and load up my credit cards on presents for people I only see or talk to a couple times a year.” Its Christmas time. And for most, its a time of keeping your head barely above water trying to catch your breath. But does Christmas have to be this way? The Bible paints a different picture of Christmas.  

Isaiah 40:3,5 says to: “Prepare a road for the Lord through the wilderness, clear a highway across the desert for our God. ... Thus shall the glory of the Lord be revealed” 


Our goal starting this Sunday is not to add to the noise of this world. But to remove the plastic, metal and fabric to make way for the Messiah in our lives. Then and only then we can breathe. So come prepared this Sunday to receive a gift like no other, the gift of expecting.