150 Years of Missionary Spirit

Real quick, give me the name of a company or a non-profit organization that is 150 years old or older.  Having trouble?  Let me give you a hint.  How about First Baptist Church of Boise?


That’s right, just one year after the founding of our fair city a group from Idaho City started First Baptist Church of Boise.  At that time it took 9 hours to get from Idaho City to Boise by stagecoach (weather permitting).  These founders must have been some hearty mission minded folks.

Did you know that the oldest Boy Scout Troop west of the Mississippi was started at First Baptist Church in 1910?  Or, that the Rev. J.B. Foster (our second minister) was shot and killed in a gunfight near Ketchum in 1879?

In the year 2014 we will be mining several fascinating nuggets from our history as we celebrate our 150th year.  But, suffice it to say, God has richly blessed this ministry for many, many years.

I, for one, am amazed that a church could stay alive for 150 years let alone stay vital and vibrant.  I hope you can appreciate how much God has done to bring us to the place we are today.

Beginning 150 years ago with one preacher, two families, and a missionary spirit, First Baptist Church was birthed and has ever since carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Treasure Valley and beyond!  Praise God.

Pastor Bruce Young