Stop trying to defend your faith!

I recently came back from a conference in Chicago called "Story". It was a conference for "Dreamers, Creators, and Story Tellers". Tony Hale was a guest speaker at the conference. You might know him from the TV show Arrested Development. He was asked the following question by one of the audience members, “How do you keep your faith in an industry that is anti God?” His response was amazing, he said, “You know, you move from trying to defend your faith, to where it becomes part of who you are…” 10-30 blog post graphic - Kenny I was really moved by that statement, and surprised, given the fact he plays Buster in Arrested Development! Anyway, I came across this quote in an article in Relevant Magazine and thought it hit the spot:

"Jesus has to move from being an answer in our heads, to a truth in our hearts. So, how do we get the truth about Jesus from someone's head to their heart? We don't. Only God does that. But there are some ways you and I can help."

I think in our churches we have trained up a generation to know Jesus as the correct answer, instead of an actual person. I want to move into a lifestyle where even if I don't have all the answers about faith, my faith is simply part of who I am. It's not just a fact that I have in my head.

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