Sabbatical Update #1

Everyone who knows me asks, “How’s your sabbatical going?” It’s been two weeks (three Sundays) so far. And, I guess the simplest answer is, May is for moms. It’s not just because Mother’s Day is in May, but, also because I’ve been working on all the ‘honey do’ projects around the house that I have put off for years. In fact, I’ve joked that I’m working so hard, I’m ready to come back to work.

For those that are curious, these projects involve light interior trim work, painting, yard projects, and a playhouse for the grandkids. Of these, the playhouse is the funniest project because we’ve had this playhouse in the back yard since we moved into this house, but we have always used it for storage. It has been packed with stuff from floor to rafters. It also had begun to tilt like the Tower of Pisa. So, I jacked it up and re-leveled it with better footings and am now working on that project.

Thus far, I have visited three churches (Holy Trinity Evangelical Anglican Church, The Pursuit Bogus Basin campus, and the Vineyard Boise). These are each great churches in Boise. However, it’s hard for me to just visit churches. For one, it means I’m not at First Baptist where the people I know and love are. Nevertheless, it is necessary and quite helpful as I am constantly thinking about the ministry of First Baptist and its future. Some of you have noticed Karman is still attending First Baptist which means she ends up going to two churches each Sunday as she attends FBC, then we attend another church together.

Moving forward, June is for Alaska. We have a fishing trip planned in Alaska and will be there for two weeks. This was made possible by the generous donations you made toward my sabbatical. Thank you all.

One more note. If you would like us to try a particular church in the area for whatever reason, PLEASE email me your suggestions. Sometimes we will choose a church based upon its success, or because it is doing something unusual and unique in its ministry. Either way, if you know of a church you think we should experience, let me know so we can put it on the list.

Until next time, Pastor Bruce