Rwanda Update - Home Visit

After three very long and rewarding days, yesterday the team did our home visits. This day also turned out to be very long and rewarding too. Robin and I recently made a decision to sponsor a child through Africa New Life Ministries. I think the main reason we decided to sponsor a child was because I did not want to leave Rwanda regretting that we had not sponsored a child. I really felt like God was telling me that this is something we needed to do. We chose to sponsor and older child, a 19 year-old boy. His name is Desire. I think the main reason we chose to sponsor an older child, was because one of the African New Life staff told me that sponsors usually request to sponsor a young child. This is similar to adoptions in the United States where most everyone wants to adopt a baby.IMG_1794

While we were driving to the home, Kenny, one of the team members, asked me if I was nervous. I wasn't really nervous even though I knew very little about this boy since we have not corresponded before. At the home, I was really glad that we chose to sponsor Desire. He is very bright, and speaks English very well. He lives with his aunt, because his mother cannot afford to care for him. They live in what essentially is a duplex that was given to the Aunt by the government because she is a genocide widow. Desire wants to be (in his words) "an entrepreneur" that imports things to resell here in Rwanda. The aunt, whose name is Stephanie, makes her living selling tomatoes in a local market place. In the home, there were also two young girls, who we discovered were her granddaughters. We did not find out anything about their parents, and I did not want to ask about them. I am learning that in Rwanda there are many things that you do not ask about.IMG_1796

After a short visit where I asked Desire questions about himself and his schooling, I shared about my life, and my family. I gave him a picture of my family. I also gave him a Boise State shirt and hat, and a soccer magazine. He is a big soccer fan and his favorite team is Manchester United. He said he was very glad that we sponsor him, and his aunt was extremely grateful. She said she wished many blessings upon my family and me for the blessing that we gave them by sponsoring Desire. Those words were God's confirmation to me that Robin and I made the right decision in choosing to sponsor Desire. And if that was not enough confirmation, after we took some pictures, Desire told me that he hoped I would come back. That is something that I hope to do too.IMG_1797

Bill Silvius - Rwanda Team Member