Rwanda Update #2 - Sobering and Humbled

IMG_0681-1Today we went to the Genocide memorial. It was extremely sobering and humble. (To read more about the Rwanda genocide CLICK HERE) I don't know if I will ever understand how someone can kill their neighbor who is slightly different. It was almost as if the "class" in the United States making less than $100,000 per year decided to attempt to wipe out the "class" of those who do make more than $100,000 per year. That is similar to what occurred here. There was something there that said that a million murders did not happen, but one murder happened a million times. Children were forced to watch their parents get murdered before being murdered. Parents were forced to kill their children before being killed. Before our memorial visit, we attended the church of Africa New Life. Church this morning was a stark contrast to the memorial, and a great example of the healing that had taken place here. God showed up during worship! I find it difficult to find words to describe it. The songs were essentially the same as my church, but there was a difference. I'm not saying that God is not present at my church during worship, but that worship service was on a different level.Worship Photo

Linda, one of the team members pointed out to me that there was not one Rwandan with gray hair there. I suspect that was a result of the genocide. God has brought a great healing to the next generation many were young when the genocide occurred and escaped or hid. Based on that service, I would not have known there ever was a genocide except for the absence of gray hair (our team excluded).

Bill Silvius