Pressing Record on God's Story

Have you ever thought about how a simple gift that seems insignificant can become the very thing God deems fit for His kingdom? I just simply fell into digital storytelling here at First Baptist. It was a small need at the time to inform the people in our church community about upcoming events. I found a cheap camcorder in the church and simply pressed “Play”. What I discovered was a gift from the Lord. A passion for storytelling ensued, and it was all downhill from there. I had the opportunity to go with a medical team to Rwanda last year to work alongside Africa New Life Ministries (ANLM). I’m not a medical person by any means, but the leader of the team asked me to come and film the trip and the people. Reluctantly I said yes (the sight of blood makes me quiver). But while In Rwanda, I met a boy named Fabrice. (Check out his story here) ANLM asked if I would do a film about Fabrice to raise awareness for the Medical Dream Center in Kagali. Again I simply said yes. What I discovered about God is that he simply wants me to say yes. To join Him not only here in Boise but also across the world and He will take care of the rest. To use our gifts for His kingdom is an adventure that He calls all of us to. It’s easy to look at the state of the world and wonder where God is. Every evening on the news, we’re bombarded with conflict-conflict between presidential candidates, genocide, suicide bombers, widespread hunger and sickness. It seems as if God has lost a handle on things. But I believe that God is more at work around the world today than ever before. Muslims are finding Jesus through dreams, medical teams are bringing physical healing paired with spiritual healing to remote peoples, unreached people groups are getting access to the gospel, wells are being built to bring clean water to villages, God is ushering in his kingdom here on earth. But, we have an enemy that wants to keep our story and the story of God a secret. No spreading of stories means no knowledge of God, in a sense. That’s why I feel called to share what God is up to around the world. To get the stories out for all to hear and be moved to join in God’s movement. I want to partner with missionaries and non-profits who are bringing the good news of Jesus to a conflicted world.

This trip Nate, and I will be partnering with Randy and Phyllis Stirewalt who have been missionaries in Kenya for over 30 years. God has done some incredible work with them and we want to capture some of those stories to share globally. From there, we will be flying to Rwanda to work alongside Africa New Life Ministries. We will be helping capture some stories of their ACT program, which trains local men and women for the work of the ministry. Also, we will be highlighting the Dream Beauty Academy, which gives local women training and skills aligned with the gospel to provide for their families. You can join this movement via their website at

So what is God up to in your story? What gifts has he equipped you with to join Him in His mission here and around the world? It could be something as simple as being able to press “Record” on a camera. It’s been quite the adventure. You don’t have to have a degree in theology to be used in God’s story. Just be willing to say, “Yes.”