“Out of Joy, the Church Multiplies”

“And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.” – Acts 13:52

Now at first sight, this statement may not seem like anything extraordinary. But I would propose that this verse shares a significant theme from the book of Acts: Out of joy, the Church multiplies.

The book of Acts is an incredible narrative of God’s impressive multiplication of disciples and the natural growth of His Church. Whether in persecution or peace, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the joy the Gospel, disciples were made and souls were redeemed to their Creator.

At First Baptist Church, God has been faithful in His word to us here two-thousand years since those events in Acts. One particular case has been among our Junior High ministry, where God has lovingly shattered my expectations for joy, growth and community this past year!

In September of 2014, we started a Junior High youth group with only two students. Now, God has established his joy and Spirit with two separate, geographically strategic small groups here in the city of Boise, in order to reach other junior high students in our schools and communities. Such an incredible adventure it has been!

Will you join me in prayer that God would continue to increase our joy as a church, faithfully devoted to His Lordship, and out of that joy, the Church will multiply?

Thank you for your prayers and support of Junior High students at First Baptist!

Nick Binsacca - Jr. High Director