Kenya Mission Trip 2014 Update #1

'We made it to Dubai! Our flight from Seattle was close to 14 hours in the air. We were served dinner, snacks & breakfast on the plane. It was a great experience, especially for Ashley who had never flown before (Boise to Seattle was her first flight)--(Seattle to Dubai her second).  When we arrived in Dubai we were slow moving as Arabic is a difficult language to try and figure out. We hoped to spend our first few hours in Dubai inside the city. Some perseverance & patience paid off--we managed to find our way out of the airport--we exchanged our dollars for Dirhams--and we found the train! We also got United Arab Emirates stamps in our passports! YAH! Dubai is absolutely incredible. Dubai is truly a melting pot of every culture-every religion-every people-from the strictest of attire to the most liberal all around you.

We journeyed to the Mall of Emirates.  Along the way we saw KFC, Dunkin' Donuts, Chili's and everything you can imagine in-between.  The Western world has certainly collided with the Middle Eastern world.  The areas in Dubai where we ventured were dripping with wealth.  We saw the tallest building in the world through our train window & in three hours we barely covered 1/4 of the mall. It was ENORMOUS! There is an entire man made ski/snowboarding hill (resort)--I am not even sure what it is called--inside the mall!!!

Things are very expensive here. We bought a few postcards and some food. It was nearing 10pm local time & everywhere we went it was so crowded--the mall, the trains, the city. It was 100 degrees outside at midnight and so I would imagine it is brutally hot during the day--so at night the city lights up.

It's been a great experience. The youngest of our group (Madelyn, Brennan & Autumn) quickly made friends with some sweet boys from Ghana in the airport.  We had an impromptu 5 hour playdate. It opened up a beautiful conversation between Andrea & the Mother of the boys.  It is amazing how children can so easily cross language barriers, culture barriers, & time zones.

Thank you for praying for us.  We feel so blessed to have this incredible opportunity! We have seen beautiful people from all over the world here. Join us please, and pray today for the people of Dubai.  There are many, many beautiful faces that are hidden behind veils of religion and culture.  Pray for Jesus name to be proclaimed in this place for He is freedom & truth.

We are hours away from leaving for Nairobi--and we cannot wait!'

FBC Kenya team

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