How Can I Participate in My Child's Camp Experience?

Camp season is here and we are so excited to partner with you to help your child experience God in ways that deepen and strengthen their faith. This is why we call our camps, ONWARD. We want to meet your child where they are and help them take their next step ONWARD in their faith. While you may not be attending camp with us, you can play a significant role in your child’s experience by utilizing the powerful tool of prayer!

So, how can you pray for your child?

  • First, pray they experience God! We are often tempted to go to God with a laundry list of things we want him to change, or that we want our child to change. But the key to change is experiencing God’s love in a very real way. Timothy Keller says, “It is remarkable that in all of his writings Paul’s prayers for his friends contain no appeals for changes in their circumstances.” He also says, “Paul does not see prayer as merely a way to get things from God but as a way to get more God himself.” So, starting now, pray that your child will get more of God himself in their camp experience this summer.
  • Second, pray for our camp speakers and band. Pray that God will give them wisdom on exactly what to say, when to say it and how to present it.
    • Kid’s Camp: Justin and Gail
    • Jr. High Camp: Lance Hancock and Kenny, Danika, Evan and Van
    • Sr. High Camp: Jonathan McKee and the Derek Janney Band
  • Finally, pray for all of the leaders that will be directly loving on your child. Pray that they will have discernment in their interactions with your child. Pray that they will find the rest and energy they need to properly serve your child.

In my humble opinion, summer camp is the single most important spiritual event your child will have during the year. So, lets use what Timothy Keller calls, “the greatest source of power that is possible” and start praying for our children as they encounter God at camp!