Grandma Ruth: The Power of Perspective

 Age seems relative if you ask me.  When I walk into a room of teenagers to “hang out,” they immediately consider me old.  But, on the other hand, I am the young buck when I walk into a room of empty nesters.  Perspective makes a BIG difference when it comes to determining whether or not someone is considered old. Perspective really is a powerful thing!  Perspective can motivate us to action or become paralyzed with fear.  Perspective can rob us of our joy or propel us through some of life’s greatest challenges.  So, how can we learn how to use perspective to our advantage in obtaining an extraordinary life, instead of allowing it to doom us to a life of ordinary insignificance?

Some may say that teaching preschool isn’t all that extraordinary.  To that person I would simply reply, have you ever done it?  Grandma Ruth’s 60 years of teaching is extraordinary for more than just the sheer commitment that many years conveys.  It is extraordinary because it demonstrates the power that having the right perspective enables us to fulfill our God given purpose.

Grandma Ruth teaches us that:

1.  Our life must be seen through the lense of God’s call. Grandma Ruth’s perspective allowed her to see her calling to love children and through that love set the foundation for the journey to their understanding of a loving Savior.  She chose not to see the rowdiness, short attention span, or the crazy energy that oozed out of their personalities.  Instead, she saw God giving her an opportunity to love on and guide our children to an understanding of His love for them.

2.  Our ability to be used by God is not defined by age, ability or resources.  It is defined by a surrendered life.

Grandma Ruth’s selfless act of service is evidence of a life that is seen as something entrusted to her by God to be used for His purpose.  How do you view your life? What has He Called you to do?

3.  Having the right perspective over a long period of time yields an extraordinary impact on others!

It is truly amazing that we have the opportunity to connect with a 150 year history at First Baptist.  Grandma Ruth saw that opportunity, connected to it and stayed faithful.  For that, God has honored her with the privilege of influencing hundreds and hundreds of lives!

Perspective…what is your perspective today?  Is it a perspective on life that God can use me to expand His kingdom?  Is it a perspective that is based on God’s calling for your life?  If so, is it a perspective that will lead to an extraordinary ripple effect?  Or is it a perspective that will trap you in the prison of ordinary, mundane routines?

As a way of encouraging us all to gain God’s perspective on life, what stories can you share with us or others who, like Grandma Ruth, have a God perspective on life?

Matt Priebe, Family Pastor