Football, Turkey, & Family

It really is hard to believe that 8 and a half years ago God called us to Boise.  In so many ways this move felt like we were moving to the moon!  For the first time in our life we found ourselves extremely far away from all of our family and in a context we knew nothing about.

As the holidays rolled around that year, Andrea and I began to discuss what we would do.  We were on our own.  The holidays were a blank slate.  We could start new traditions, honor old ones or come up with a hybrid of sorts.  So, as the planning for Thanksgiving commenced, Andrea thought it would be an amazing idea to invite new friends who were in very similar situations as us.  Why not consider our church family as family for the holidays?  So we did!

Imagine the scene with me.  Three, four, sometimes 5 or more families all contributing to an incredible feast.  The sweet and amazing fragrance of family recipes are filling the house.   Family traditions and even stories are being shared around the table.  Children are laughing, running and playing.  Football is on in the background.  The Family of God gathered and rejoicing in all that God has blessed them with.

While it may seem that we were the ones reaching out to those who didn’t have plans for Thanksgiving, that simply wasn’t the case.  Our family has been so blessed by those who have graced our home.  We have found connection.  We have found belonging.  We have found something to be truly thankful for.  So what about you?  Is God asking you to open up your home this holiday season as a way to engage in true and authentic community?  I mean really, what better way to connect then over some turkey and football!