Final Kenya Update

IMG_1715We have arrived at our last day in country--tomorrow. Yesterday we worked the children's crusade which drew over 850 village children from the surrounding churches and area. It was fun & overwhelming. The groups were organized and so the first three groups we managed to work a system of sorts--but the last group was WILD. We had to step back and just go with it. Our team divided into three groups. Matt shared the gospel of Jesus to the children in the church. Spencer, Shane, Caleb, & Breanna ran our game time. They played tug-of-war, a soccer relay game, and a jumping game.

Shane, Spencer & Brennan all dressed up as clowns. The kids loved it!

Kate, Demi, Kristen, Madelyn, Brennan, Autumn, Ashely & Andrea worked the crafts. Each child received a ballon, and a color sheet to color and we painted faces. It was a lot of balloons and a lot of face painting. We had lots of help from the church sunday school teachers & volunteers. It was a great day!IMG_1727

This morning and worshipped at Outspans Bible Baptist church. It is a mud church with two tiny Sunday school buildings that were so full of children the teachers were handing out the crayons we brought for coloring through the windows. The older group sang in the worship service & the younger group colored and taught us a new song in Swahili. Every time that we did a good job they would clap for us--which was super cute.

We enjoyed another authentic Kenyan lunch at Pastor Wanjala's house. We were served cabbage, beef, chicken, rice, potatoes, and chapatis. It was delicious. Autumn was able to feed their goats and she loved that. It is so generous and kind of them to serve the best of their food with so many of us. They do it so generously and graciously. They have so little and yet they give to others like they have so much--what a great lesson for us to all learn.IMG_1743

Here is some insight from our team members:

"Today was our last official event of our mission trip and it is a little sad. We attended church at Outspans Bible Baptist church. As we arrived the children were out singing and I am not sure it was for us but it was nice to arrive at church to singing. Anyway I worked with the 8 thru 12 year olds and they really enjoyed the new crayons and coloring. The class seemed to be disorganized to me because the teachers didn't want to talk to our team very much. But the students were not shy about playing with Caleb when he was taking selfies the children and even a couple with me. While playing with the students they even managed to color some pretty cool pictures with the crayons and pictures we took with us for the students. You might say Caleb and I were more of a distraction than a help.

After class we were giving out gift bags to each of the students in our Sunday School classes and it was more than a little crazy. I was very disappointed to watch the Mom's take their child's gift bags and send them back to try get another bag. Later, while being greeted by the congregation in a reception line, I witnessed Mothers wearing the necklaces and bracelets meant for their children. I was very disappointed today know the kids really weren't blessed by the gift bags that we were able to provide from all of our generous supporters who gave because Jesus Christ is the Lord of their lives.

Even though I was disappointed today, I have been greatly blessed by Christ Jesus to have had the opportunity to be on this trip. The students we bought here are going to be changed forever and they are pretty much rock stars who worked hard to give their all to the students they served here. In return they learned we all serve the same Lord and one doesn't need money and things to find true joy in our Lord and Savior.

Finally I just want to say thank you to all our supporters who made this possible for us. Thank you all. --Shane Maxey"


"Today was our last day doing ministry here in Kenya. It was very bittersweet. I am so sad that we have to leave in two very short days. Yesterday was like the cherry on the top of all the days. We ran a children's crusade for over 800 kids. It was amazing to see how many kids showed up with short notice. I got the opportunity to run games with Shane, Spencer, Caleb, and the other Kenyan volunteers. The best part of doing games was that I got to hang with all the kids. God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to come to Kenya and see such beautiful kids. It has been so amazing to see what God has revealed through this trip. I am so grateful to all my supporters who gave me the ability to come and serve the Lord and to bless these amazing children of God. I cannot wait to see how God works through me once I get back home. God is good, all the time!" --Breanna Myers

As a team we are praying together for Dr. Kent Bradley, medical director for the Samaritans purse Ebola outbreak center in Liberia, West Africa. He has been working very hard to minister and treat those who have been affected and now he has tested positive for Ebola. Our hearts ache for him & his family. Please join us in prayer!

We will be home soon!

First Baptist Kenya Mission Team