Small Groups

What is a Small Group?

A small group is an opportunity for one to engage in community. The dictionary defines community as, “experiencing the feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.” Truth is no one likes to be alone. We all long to feel apart of something bigger than ourselves, to feel connected and like we belong. I believe we were created this way and that life together is always better than life alone. So, why not have a community of people that we can share the most valuable interest of all, our belief in Jesus Christ?

The reason I am where I am today in my faith is because of engaging others in a community. From Mr. Moreno who helped me understand my call to ministry, to Mr. Mcllwaine who helped me clarify my faith, to Jerry Tucker who taught me that God desires intimacy not just religion, to Tony, James and my group of friends from high school who helped me navigate the crazy world of adolescence to my current group who consistently encourages me and nudges me to deeper faith in my Lord. Community has been the single most significant factor to my faith development.

So, what is a small group? It is an opportunity to engage others who are looking to define and deepen their faith. It is an hour a week where you will gather with others who have questions about God, life and the obstacles we all face. Small group is a place where real life and the truth of God’s word intersect with community allowing us the chance to experience God in a very real and practical way. It is a place where you can belong and enjoy walking together with others.

So, what about you? Will you take a chance to experience this kind of community and JOIN A GROUP?