A Journey Home

On Tuesday morning, as the sun rose on the horizon, the Argentina mission team said goodbye to Centro Crecer, Cordoba, and Argentina for 2014. Everyone surely left with a heavy heart, knowing that they had poured out theirs hearts and energy into this year’s adventure.
IMG_1760 Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the trip was getting to work shoulder to shoulder with Sasha Rasmussen, the urban youth missionary our high school students support through prayer and giving. Not only is he a master of the grill, as our team found out Monday night, but he is also a master of compassion and community. A very genuine and caring disciple of Christ, that on a number of occasions during the team’s stay, sacrificed greatly for our comfort and support. We wouldn’t have been as successful in our mission without Sasha prayerfully being a conduit of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom. He not only patiently translated Spanish for us at every restaurant and market shop, but also led us into experiencing the most of Argentina culture we could (in the few days we had) as well as encouraging us through every task and mission.


As we await our return flight to the U.S., four brave high school students and one great mom have now experienced the ministry they support in their Sunday tithes and offerings, something none of them will ever forget.

Here are some comments from a few of them that sum of the trip:

“This truly was a life changing experience.” – Payton Mader


“The thing that God showed me this trip, and that really stood out to me, was how important it is for me to love people.” – Caitlin Bishop


“The one thing that stood out to me is how much God can work through your life, even with the smallest amounts.” – Nathan Pile

It was an honor and a pleasure to travel and work with an amazing and faithful group of people. My hope and prayer is that Jesus will continue to lead them on amazing adventures for the spreading of the gospel and the glory of the Father.

Nick Binsacca