"Tumepumzika" - We rested.

"Tumepumzika" - We rested. It was wonderful to sleep-in a bed! For some of our team--they did not move for 15 straight hours--and others woke up in the early morning and then returned to bed a few hours later.

Today, we had the opportunity to meet some new friends, have lunch together, and then walk into town.

It was really fun to be given the opportunity to meet individuals, talk about their life, and see where they live.

The best part for the team was going into the 'sokoni' market. There were so many people and a group of white American drew the crowds. The girls were told how beautiful they were several times. :) The market is crowded and you will find everything you can think of for sale. They sell wood, rocks, vegetables, fruit, used clothing, toys, shoes...and so much more. It was full of people selling items and purchasing items. Everyone in the group got the opportunity to try some new foods--ugali, sweet mini banana's, passion fruit, and for some mango.


Here is some insight from our team members:

"I met a young girl named Monica, and at first she was very shy, but as we walked together into town we really got know each other. She is one year older than me, and she will be finishing her last year of high school in November/December and starting at University in January. As we walked through the market I asked her questions on how to say different phrases in Swahili, and she taught me how to say, "me and you are friends", which is 'mimi na wewe ni marafiki.' After walking around, we stopped at a small restaurant to get some sodas, and she handed me the gold necklace around her neck after I had told her it was very pretty. I am blessed to have met Monica, and am very glad that I met her."-Demi Holsman

"Today was probably the best day of my life. Downtown, Eldoret is both the most beautiful and the most smelly place on earth. There was a constant aroma of BO, but it really didn't matter because of all the sights in the market.

There were some tall buildings, but it was mainly shops that sold everything from passionfruit, to corn on the cob, to knock-off items. The sight of endless streets full of so many waving people with happy faces was so amazing. There were so many people who came up to us to welcome us to Kenya. There were these two boys who came over and asked us if we knew Bruce Lee, and then he claimed he was Bruce Lee. He was so nice and we took a picture with him.

It was so cool trying all different types of food.A native food of Kenya is ugali, which is basically white corn meal put into boiling waterand stirred until it was a bread like consistency. I also tried passionfruit for the first time. It was sweet and tart at the same time. Overall everything I tasted was great.

I met two really cool boys from here named Charles and Jacob. Charles is a Junior and Jacob is a Freshman. They were so nice and welcoming to us and went into town with us. They liked rugby and soccer. They were altogether really cool guys.

Our hosts, Randy and Phillis, have made me feel very welcome. I hate to say this, but Phyllis' stew was better than my moms. Everything we have eaten here has been soooooo good. Randy has been telling us a lot about Kenya and the people here. He had said everyone would be welcoming, but I never imagined that the people would be as welcoming as they were! They have been really great hosts to us.

Overall, my day number 1 has left my not being able today wait for day 2."
--Spencer Grizzle

We spent the evening making gift bags for Sunday School children. Our Missionary host told us to plan on 400-500 children who regularly attend Kapsoya Baptist Church. Wow! We used some of our ministry money & we bought each child a small book, a pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, a lolly pop, 5 gum balls, and 4 cookies.We also are going to be leading a craft & face painting during the services as well.IMG_1278

Thank you so much for giving generously so that we can give generously and bless these sweet kids. We are excited to be apart of their Sunday School classes & to see a traditional Kenyan church service.

We are so thankful for this opportunity!

First Baptist Kenya Team