Everyone defines Jesus in their own preferential way

A news headline pops up on my computer screen the other day: “Chris Pratt responds to Ellen Page’s criticism of ‘infamously anti-LGBTQ’ Hillsong Church.” Maybe some of you have followed this drama. Being naturally curious about things that affect the church, I read the article and a few others as well. Then, I even read the numerous comments which were almost universally against anything that would suggest that sin was sin. 


First, not knowing who either Chris Pratt or Ellen Page was, I had to discover they are an actor and actress having a public spat over who’s anti-LGBTQ and who’s not. I had to read past the obvious bias and ‘hate’ accusations to try to decipher what actually was said and what actually is believed by the two movie stars. (As if their opinions are somehow monumental.)


After reading these articles and considering other issues such as abortion, divorce, pre-marital sex, lying, etc.… I once again find it so fascinating that everyone defines Jesus in their own preferential way. On the topics of church, religion, Christianity, right and wrong everyone has an opinion and everyone has a take on what Jesus would say if He could weigh in on this argument.


What is conspicuously missing in virtually all the reporting and comments is what the Bible actually says (I read one article that twisted the biblical wording to make it say what they wanted it to say).


The thing is… Who Jesus is, is not up for a vote! It’s not a multiple choice question. Maybe this is why there are four books, called the Gospels that reveal exactly who Jesus was. And, Jesus Himself used 7 “I Am” statements to describe who He was and what someone must accept to be His follower.


This is NOT useless rhetoric! It’s both critical and urgent that we who call ourselves believers know who Jesus is and how He informs our worldview and weights every belief we hold.


I hope you can join us for the next several weeks as we study the Gospel of John with the single purpose to discover the real Jesus.