Man Camp: Identity

I always look forward to Man camp. It's a weekend up at Warm Lake Idaho filled with Neature. (If you don’t get the “neature” reference check this out:

    The theme for the weekend was "identity." John Eldredge says: “Identity is not something that falls on us out of the sky. For better or for worse, identity is bestowed.” I have recently been on a journey of discovering sonship with the Father. Jesus said in John 17:3 that his greatest desire is that we would know the Father. Jesus could have said a lot of other desires for humanity. But Jesus went to the core desire. To know the Father shapes everything else. You will never live beyond your identity. I believe that's why most Christians walk with their head down, defeated, full of addictions. The chief aim of the Villain is to take us away from our identity in the Father. 

    As a son, there are two things I need to hear from my dad: “Son I delight in you, I love you. You make me proud.” And I need to have dad answer my question “do I have what it takes?” Even Jesus needed to hear this! At the moment in Matthew 3, Jesus comes out of the water after being baptized by John the Baptist. The Father breaks protocol by speaking to all witnessing that moment. Dad says: “This is my Son. I am pleased with Him. I love Him.” And what follows is Jesus being tempted in the wilderness. If you read closely, you will notice that all Satan's attacks are on Jesus’ identity. “Did God really say…” “Who do you think you are? Sound familiar for you? “You're such a sinner. You idiot. God is disappointed in you because of that…etc” 

Jesus knows the attack on our identity, so he comes to earth to give us access to and with the Father. He is the only person who can tell us who we truly are.

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