How to talk to your kids about their camp experience

Camp season is here and we are kicking things off this Thursday with Kid’s Camp! Whether your student is in 3rd, 8th or 12th grade, great conversations after camp can solidify the meaningful truths they experienced at our retreats. We want to help you have those conversations with your student when they return home from camp. 

Some of the ideas below can be the day they get back, others can be a week or two later. Fit them in at dinner time, bed time, breakfast time, time in the car, or just any time where you are together with your student. Share a funny story from your own camp experiences or something that God taught you while they were away. However you decide to do it, always seek to listen well (give them your full attention, ask good questions) and affirm their experience of God. Remember, one more spiritual conversation a week can make the difference in the authentic faith of your student!

Post-Camp Conversation Guide

Happy Summer!

Nick & Justin