3 Narratives of Humanity

“Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again…but whoever drinks of my water will never thirst again…” Jn. 4

    I was able to sit down across from a few students studying for ministry here in Beirut. There were seven of them, each representing a different country here in the Middle East. Because of the nature of their stories, I can’t share their names or countries they hail from. Most are coming from a heavily persecuted background since giving their lives to Jesus. As I listened to their stories, there was a common theme…The love of Jesus. 

    In all my travels around the world, I find myself discovering the same 3 narratives of humanity. And it doesn’t matter what culture, language and color of the person. Everyone has the same 3 questions: 1) Do I matter? 2) Can someone help me make sense of this life? 3) Can I create the future I ultimately long for? One woman, who had come from a Muslim background, has 2 kids. But early in her marriage, her husband divorced her.  You see, in her culture and religion, women don’t share in the same values as men do. And to make it worse, she was a divorced woman. She would often be ridiculed and belittled. She thought God hated her; that she didn’t matter. 

    She obtained a Bible through a Christian church and started to read. She discovered God’s love for her that she is valued and holds the same worth and status as a man does. She gave her life to Jesus and now is currently in school learning more about God and herself.  She is planning to go back to her home country to share the love of Jesus to women caught up in the same oppression that she found herself in. “There’s a need,” she said. “Women need to know the love of Jesus.” It’s the love of Jesus that answers all 3 narratives of humanity. Just read John 4, you’ll see it. The answer to a better world is found in the life of Jesus. 

 Pray for the Middle East. God is on the move. You wouldn’t believe it.