A Summer Reading list

Truth be told, I believe that there are a few words in the English language that we have come to fear (cue Jaws music here).  One such word in the church world is…wait for it…evangelism.  

Ok, honestly, did you roll your eyes when you read that word?  Why is it that the idea of sharing our faith with those we do life with—family, friends co-workers, neighbors—is so extremely difficult?  I think there are many reasons:

  • We may not be an outgoing person.
  • Our culture lives in the shallows of relationship…going deep is scary, and spiritual things are deep.
  • The world believes many ways lead to heaven or heaven doesn’t exist.

Whatever the reason, I acknowledge the uneasiness that accompanies us when we are living on mission—living sent and being aware of the opportunities to engage others with the Gospel.   But, it is still something God commands us to do.  The cool thing is, he asks us to do it within the boundaries of relationship!  We don’t share alone, we share together (more on this in another blog post).  And we live in true relationship with those with whom we are sharing…we don’t need to do spiritual cold calls!

Instead of jumping right in to, “Heaven or hell, which will it be?” What if we got to know people?  Built genuine relationships and as we did, ask normal questions about how they view life, the world, and even spiritual things?  What if that led to opportunities for them to ask us or for us to share what we believe about spiritual things?  It is in this moment that the Holy Spirit does his work to draw others into true, deep, meaningful and life-changing relationship with the Father!

If you are interested, we have compiled a summer reading list that will help you dive into learning how to live “sent” and share your faith with others through genuine relationship.


As you read, learn and begin to put some of the principles discussed in these books to practice. Share with us what God is doing, the opportunities he gives you, and even the victories (small or big) so we can celebrate with you!