Beautiful Design

Over the past several months I’ve grown increasingly aware of the sexualization of our culture. I guess I’ve always known about it, but now as a youth worker, I feel as though it deserves my attention for the sake of the next generation of fathers and mothers.

The question is, “why even talk out loud about this kind of stuff? Isn’t the truth about sex and sexuality already out there?” The real answer would be a resounding, “no.” 

In todays culture, young people look to their teachers, google, and popular media for information and questions they have about sex, dating and the like. And the messages aren’t pretty.

From what I see, and what I read, we are being lied to. All the time. Every single day. And we are overwhelmed with sexual pressure and haunted by real questions. Google can’t give you the kind of wisdom and hope that only God wants to. My question is, where do you go with your burdens and questions?

My hope with this series of blog posts is to bring real issues to light, and share truth when all we have been exposed to are lies, lies, lies. I hope you’ll join me, because I’m no expert. We can’t keep from making mistakes, but we can pursue a grace-filled design for perspective of sex and sexuality. A beautiful design. 

Parents! On Tuesday, March 7th, our senior high youth ministry will embark on a three month journey that we’re calling Beautiful Design. The goal of this journey, or teaching series, is to equip students with a godly and biblical perspective on sex, relationships and current issues by speaking grace and truth in love, address all levels of sexual brokenness and find healing in the person and work of Jesus Christ. What I am absolutely sure of is no one has more spiritual, emotional or social influence on your child than you. And I’m not just talking about “the talk.” I’m talking about lots of talks, lots of conversations. But you aren’t alone in this as a church, our role is to partner and pray with you toward exalting the name of Jesus in every area of life, including sex and relationships. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your own questions and insights. 


  • Think about all the media you consume on a daily basis. How much of it contains implicit or explicit sexual content?
  • What kind of messages does our culture and media propagate to you and your kids about what’s appropriate sexually? How comfortable are you with those messages? 
  • Is there a better message about sex and sexuality out there? Where might you find it?
  • Parents: What might be some first steps in engaging your kids in conversation about the important topics of sex, relationships, etc.? How might you turn what is happening in media to your advantage?

Keep an eye out for more posts, interesting articles and helpful tips as we journey together through Beautiful Design