Status: Hillary

What if you could change someone’s status for the better? Would you do it? I think we would all say “yes.” There’s something wired within the human soul that desires to stand up to the bullying of injustice around our world. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Job 5:16. In fact it’s inked into my skin (sorry mom). It simply says, “So the poor have hope, and injustice shuts its mouth.” I’ve seen a lot of worldwide injustice. And it can often be overwhelming. I often ask myself; “How can I make a difference?”

I had the opportunity to meet Hillary in Rwanda. She is a beautiful 25-year-old single mother of two boys. She was a little nervous about being on camera and sharing her story with me. To lighten the mood, I tried to speak to her with the only two Kinyarwanda words that I knew. She smiled, and my focus shifted from seeing the scars all over her body to getting a glimpse into the joy and strength dwelling within this woman.

In her story, you’ll discover a shift in her status. Moving from poverty to becoming self-sustaining all because of one schoolteacher who saw a need and decided to do something about it. Injustice isn’t just fought with signs and yelling on street corners and governmental buildings. Injustice is fought when you decide not to just think about it, but you take action in meeting the needs of people all around us. Give it a try; you may change someone’s life forever. Check out Hillary’s story.

If you would like to help change someone’s status check one of our global partners Africa New Life Ministries.