Ephesians 1:4, “…even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world…”  

 Would you just take a moment and consider the importance of this verse?  You and I, you see, are not an obligation.  We are not a “have to”.  We are not someone He is required to love well because He is God.  Rather, we are His choice. 
Choice is a powerful thing.  It is something we weigh often, and fret about making the right one.  Choice is something we strive to teach our children to respect and make carefully.  It is something that holds such value that we fight, willing to lay down our life, for our right to choose.  We call it freedom.  

In His freedom, He, weighing the cost, chose us.  We often look at God as demanding, distant,  or possibly disconnected from our reality.  But, I don’t think this is a correct view of who He is.  He is a God, who knowing our condition, chose to give His perfect Son on our behalf.  He chose to adopt us through the act of sacrifice and extend to us the right to be His children…the distinct privilege of being joint heirs with Jesus.  In spite of our brokenness, He still chose us.  
How should this reality of His expression of choice impact us? 

How should it affect our daily choices? 

How should it inspire us to love Him well?